S&P Global Platts Analytics

It’s no longer enough to know a commodity’s transactional price – you also need to understand the supply chain dynamics that shape its value. The S&P Global Platts suite of analytics products can help.

Leading energy and commodities market analytics

S&P Global Platts is the leading independent provider of information and benchmark prices for the energy and commodities markets. Customers in over 190 countries look to us for insight, pricing and analytics to deliver the essential intelligence needed for better business decisions.

Unparalleled coverage and expertise

Our analytics services cover all major commodities across the supply chain in markets worldwide. Proprietary data and tools paired with expertise and timely insight provide unrivaled intelligence across supply, demand, and price.

The tools you need to have an informed opinion

  • Get the clearest possible view of the entire energy supply chain
  • Gain vital perspective from insights and data
  • Find the information you need to build a successful strategy
  • Make data-driven decisions

Following the acquisitions of Bentek, Eclipse, and PIRA, S&P Global Platts Analytics is now able to offer a truly global perspective. Our restructured analytics offering provides you with deeper commodity coverage, alongside enhanced forecasts, data sets and tools, and enriched analytical expertise.

Cutting-edge data and leading analysts


Proprietary data and analytics tools cover short- to long-term outlooks, across all major commodities and geographies. The most granular level of data available is overlaid with expert opinion, providing the analysis you need to make decisions with conviction.

The latest information

Subscription reports and online analytics tools track commodity market developments on a daily, weekly, or periodic basis, providing ongoing market analysis and highlighting material developments.

A wealth of experience

Gain access to a global team of commodity analysts, who aggregate and align raw data to create context and isolate trends. Our objective methodology leverages the experience of our renowned analysts, turning data and insights into comprehensive models, research, and training.

For more information about how S&P Global Platts Analytics can help you make decisions with conviction, contact us on

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