ASEAN: A Region of New Opportunities

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ASEAN’s markets are developing fast – get the clarity  and transparency you need to ensure you’re not left behind.

Strong economic growth is transforming energy and commodities markets across the ASEAN region. This growth is underpinned by high manufacturing output, robust consumer demand and a rapidly growing population. As the world’s third-largest market after China and India, there’s increasing demand for goods and services from ASEAN’s population of 630 million. The region is also rapidly becoming a leading manufacturing hub in Asia, pulling investments  away from North Asian rivals. The combined result is soaring demand for raw materials, resources  and energy.

ASEAN: A Region of New Opportunities

Read our latest brochure, ASEAN: A Region of New Opportunities to get the ASEAN energy and commodity outlook, and understand how S&P Global Platts provide clarity and transparency with independent data and price benchmarks and analysis.

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