S&P Global Platts enters Electric Vehicle revolution with price assessment

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The advent of the electric vehicle (EV), driven by a shift in global policy with a stronger focus on more environmentally friendly transportation modes, led to governments starting to phase out the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), which increased the demand for metals and chemicals needed to produce batteries. Lithium carbonate is the one element no battery can function without and has seen an extraordinary growth in liquidity over recent months, which is not expected to stop for several years to come.

As a result S&P Global Platts started assessing battery grade lithium carbonate delivered into North Asian ports in early 2018 to bring pricing excellence to this emerging market. Indeed, lithium carbonate is the bellwether product for understanding Li-ion battery fundaments – the batteries fueling the global revolution as battery powered automobiles take on the fight with petrol powered vehicles.

The heart of the battery revolution currently lies in Asia with China being the clear leader in terms of companies devoted to producing batteries, followed by Korea and Japan. While the demand side is focused largely in one part of the world, the supply side could not be further apart, with Australia on the one hand and Argentina, Bolivia and Chile on the other being responsible for the lion share of lithium production.

As a result, it comes as no surprise that S&P Global Platts Lithium Carbonate assessment reflects cargoes delivered to China, Japan, and Korea and that the time stamp of this weekly assessment is 4.30 pm Singapore time. However, while the assessment is once a week, we offer a 24/5 coverage of the market with editors in Singapore, London, and Sao Paolo able to cover the markets, non-stop, from Monday morning when markets open in Asia until Friday evening when markets close in the Americas. We are right in the heart of the demand and supply centers.

Finally, our editors speak English, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese and German and thus are able to connect even with the smaller market players in remote locations that may not be as conversant in English.

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