Platts Periodic Table of Oil – Unlocking the secrets of crude quality

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From the impact of coronavirus in China, to sanctions imposed on major producers like Venezuela and Iran, understanding the importance of crude quality has never been more important.

Hundreds of different grades and varieties of crude oil are produced globally, from medium-sour Hungo in Angola to Norway’s light-sweet Ekofisk and Mexican heavy-sour Maya crude.

This is why the Market Insight team at S&P Global Platts has updated the interactive Periodic Table of Oil with more crudes and new data to help customers plan and make more informed decisions.

The interactive chart allows readers to find key information in one place on region of origin, price, trade volumes, sulfur content, viscosity and trade flows. The latest update includes:

  • Some 30 new crudes to reflect the increased diversity of the oil markets across six different quality types
  • A range of some of the world’s most expensive crudes such as Australia’s Vincent to the cheapest like West Canadian Select
  • New crude export grades like Guyana’s Liza, Johan Sverdrup in the North Sea, Nigeria’s Egina and Mostardo from Angola
  • All the most recent crude assay details, and production data for 150 crudes in one interactive chart
  • Revised pricing charts for each crude category

Download the Table as a PDF

Platts Periodic Table of Oil has been selected as a finalist in the 66th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards.

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