OPEC Influencers

Drag and drop key players influencing oil markets, split between hawks (red) and doves (blue). Take a screenshot and then tweet with #PlattsOPECInfluencers to compare.

OPEC and its oil-producing allies have an important decision to make on June 22. At their meeting in Vienna the group, which controls almost half of global supply, will decide whether to boost output to ease prices or stick to quotas and risk cooling demand.

Their task would be easy if supply and demand were the only factors determining policy and prices, which climbed above $80/b last month. Oil markets are among the world’s most complex, with a diverse range of actors influencing sentiment.

The S&P Global Platts OPEC Influencers interactive chart is designed to illustrate how various players drive prices through their actions and words. Arrange the characters on the chart in order of importance into price ‘hawks’ and ‘doves’. The most influential figure on each side should fill the final box in the center.

Take a screenshot of your finished chart and tweet it with #PlattsOpecInfluencers