Plastics recycling: PET and Europe lead the way

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Plastics recycling’s profile has been steadily growing in recent years, with 2018 a pivotal year for the industry as legislation, industry initiatives and consumer awareness led to a focus on plastic waste, and recycling as a key solution to the problem.

While Europe and the polyethylene terephthalate market have been leading the way in developing recycling as a sustainable business, many questions remain, with 2019 demonstrating that underlying concerns around profitability and cost continue to weigh against the drive to use more recycled plastics.

Demand for recycled plastics over the longer term is expected to grow due in part to European Union policy initiatives to increase the recyclability and recycled content of packaging. Currently, however, the market’s true commitment to sustainability will be tested in the face of unfavorable economics. Read our special report to learn more.

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