Platts Scenario Planning Service

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Defining and forecasting long-term outlooks and alternate scenarios for energy prices and markets to help you plan for the future.

The Platts Scenario Planning Service defines and tracks the critical assumptions behind our worldwide oil, gas and coal projections with a focus on our medium- and longer-term outlooks.

Platts Scenario Planning Service:

A Critical Service for Long-term Planning

Investments in the energy industry tend to have long lead times and long payout periods. Success or failure often depends on conditions five, ten or more years into the future. The Platts Scenario Planning Service (SPS) delivers an integrated outlook across energy markets and defines and tracks alternative outcomes in a way that makes them useful in testing business strategies.

Platts SPS is:


Platts SPS focuses on and quantifies the parameters that are most important to you — namely, prices and supply/demand volumes — along with our assessment of probabilities.


Platts SPS is an ongoing retainer service — not a multi-client study — so that we can keep the scenarios evergreen, track the key assumptions behind each one, and let clients know if and when developments in energy markets change our views on possible outcomes and probabilities.


Each client may have their own particular views or concerns over key assumptions. Platts SPS allows subscribers to get a consistent view of the energy world, under their assumptions, using S&P Global Platts proprietary models. We also work with clients to assist them in determining how best to incorporate the conclusions of the scenario work into their decision-making process.


Platts SPS covers many of the most important and relevant issues affecting the global commodities markets today.

Platts SPS can help clients answer the following questions:

  • What is the most likely outlook for oil and gas prices, volumes, and the key assumptions behind them?
  • What are the risks that prices and volumes could significantly differ from S&P Global Platts Reference Case?
  • How much different could they be?
  • What probabilities should I assign to these alternatives?
  • What early warning signs will indicate whether to put increasing
  • What are implications of stringent GHG policy scenarios? Of heightened penetration of renewables and electric vehicles?

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