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With a 5-digit challenge code you can take up a friends challenge or see how you rank in a shared leaderboard.

You’ve been challenged to pit your wits against the Market Masters trading game

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced trader or you’ve always thought you’ve got what it takes – the real question is: can you make a bigger profit and beat your challenger?

Can you navigate the fast-changing simulated market and market events to your advantage? To beat your challenger, you’ll need to be quick, balance the risks, and make the right trading decisions.

2018 B2 Awards Winner

Winner of the 2018 B2 Award for Innovation

How to use your unique code

C O M P 5
  1. Download game via the app buttons
  2. Enter your event challenge code by pressing the ‘Enter challenge code’ option, found on the opening screen
  3. See your result compared to your challenger at the end of your gaming session
  4. Save your score and see your position on the leader board live.

How to play

Inspired by market dynamics, the S&P Global Platts Market Masters game responds to shifts in supply and demand – to make a profit you need to work out whether the price will rise or fall. If you think the price will rise then go ‘long’ – buy while the price is low and sell for a profit when the price peaks. If you think it will fall, go ‘short’ – sell now and increase your profit by buying back at a lower price.

It’s a race to the finish – with a trading period of just one year you’ll need to quickly respond to market events and utilize insights to come out on top. Don’t be caught out by extreme price movements during periods of high volatility – make sure you’re ready to master the market in rapid change… otherwise it’s game over and your challenger will have defeated you.

Prepare for the challenge – watch the trailer.

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Download on the App Store Download on the App Store